What is SDF?

SDF is the fastest way to build a scalable, reliable, and optimized data warehouse.

But what is it? SDF is a multi-dialect SQL compiler, transformation framework, and analytical database engine. It natively compiles SQL dialects, like Snowflake, and connects to their corresponding data warehouses to materialize models.

Why SDF?

The best data professionals unlock the full potential of their organization’s data through deep SQL understanding. SDF scales that SQL understanding across an organization.

Your data team can use SDF to:

  • Prevent breaking changes from entering production through real-time impact analysis
  • Develop faster with timely error reporting and isolated environments
  • Gain precise column-level lineage for full warehouse transparency
  • Integrate business logic into code through intelligent metadata and out-of-the-box guardrails
  • Power an on-premise data warehouses with an in-process analytical database

Our Mission

SDF aims to build the best e2e toolbox for data development. We make developing data products like developing software products.

Getting started with SDF

sdf execution capabilities are powered by DataFusion, for which we have the greatest appreciation.